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Even if staying in Dubai for only a few days, apartments and villas are a much better idea than hotels, giving you the space and privacy you need to truly relax.  Not only do they offer far better value but the convenience of having your own kitchen, a comfortable living area and multiple bathrooms far surpasses anything a hotel can offer at a reasonable price.


Thanks to way in which Dubai has been planned and designed, to be the ultimate city, you can quickly get from one point in the city to any other point.  We offer vacation rentals in every part of town, so, a good way to decide where to stay would be to decide what the primary focus of your visit will be (Nightlife?  Golf?  Art and Museums?  Shopping?) and to choose an apartment or villa ideally located for that, safe in the knowledge that, in Dubai, you will still be only minutes of all the other attractions.


The Internet has opened up countless new opportunities for travelers and the vacation rentals market, in particular, is flourishing.  For decades, the hotel business has treated guests poorly, using a glitzy facade to hide poor service, low levels of hygiene, mistreatment of staff and a determination to screw every last penny out of their guests - few things in life are as outrageously extortionate as hotel minibar prices.


Thankfully, with the Internet, a new generation of accommodation providers sprang up, small businesses with a determination to provide the sort of home-away-from-home that they themselves would like to find when traveling.  Instead of relying upon a fancy brand, these vacation rental providers know that they must provide a great service to earn repeat custom and to build their online reputation among travelers: they want you to come back and they want you to tell your friends!


Don't think that your stay is too short to make a vacation rental feasible - thanks to the efficiencies of online booking, stays as short as 1 night are fine.  The only real limitation of vacation rentals is that, unlike hotels with their thousands of identical box-like rooms, if you want a particular apartment or villa, there is only one of it, meaning it will no longer be available if someone else books the dates you want before you do.


So, don't leave it too late; enter your preferred dates into the form below and our real-time results will show you what properties are currently available, along with photos, maps and a detailed description of each property.





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